Utilities in Flower Mound

When my husband and I decided to move to the Dallas area, we searched high and low for information that would help us budget.  We didn’t know how much house we could afford, how much taxes would be, or what we should allow for utilities.  We could only find brief, vague, and ultimately unhelpful references to utility budgets, so our estimates were totally wrong.  Here, in the spirit of making your transplantation to Flower Mound easier, I will give you our utility totals since we’ve been here.

Circumstances: We’ve got a 2300 square foot house on one level (two levels require increased energy to cool, so plan for that if it applies).  We moved in during the second week of June, so that month’s bill was lower.  We ran the sprinklers June-September, so the water bill (Town of Flower Mound) was higher.  We’ve got two adults and two toddlers taking baths/showers and we cloth diaper, so that’s an extra four loads of laundry per week.  There are multiple power options here—we chose Green Mountain because you can opt for wind and hydroelectric sources.  There are cheaper options, though.  Now, without further ado, the nitty-gritty details:

June 2010

  • Green Mountain Energy (power)—$97.52
  • Town of Flower Mound (water/sewer/trash)—$85.73
  • ATMOS Energy (gas)—$36.26

July 2010

  • Green Mountain Energy—$270.12
  • Town of Flower Mound—$113.01
  • ATMOS Energy—$41.14

August 2010

  • Green Mountain Energy—$289.96
  • Town of Flower Mound—$153.13
  • ATMOS Energy—$42.68

September 2010

  • Green Mountain Energy—$247.18
  • Town of Flower Mound—$145.37
  • ATMOS Energy—$40.96

October 2010

  • Green Mountain Energy—$178.30
  • Town of Flower Mound—$101.06
  • ATMOS Energy—$50.11

November 2010

  • Green Mountain Energy—$90.29
  • Town of Flower Mound—$96.25
  • ATMOS Energy—$62.03

December 2010

  • Green Mountain Energy—$104.94
  • Town of Flower Mound—$96.25
  • ATMOS Energy—$116.43

January 2010

  • Green Mountain Energy—$95.97
  • Town of Flower Mound—$87.54
  • ATMOS Energy—$128.90

February 2010

  • Green Mountain Energy—$89.69
  • Town of Flower Mound—$91.22
  • ATMOS Energy—$129.16

March 2010

  • Green Mountain Energy—$75.86
  • Town of Flower Mound—$91.94
  • ATMOS Energy—$76.97

I hope that helps some of you.  Good luck with your budget!

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